Coffee 101

Coffee Journey and Facts

  • A coffee Green bean in raw form is a seed from the coffee fruit (Cherry or coffee berry).
  • Fruits are harvested and processed to extract the seeds and dried to get clean Green Beans
  • Green beans (or coffee seeds) are then roasted to release moisture, oils and its natural aroma
  • Green Beans can be roasted to light, medium or dark depending on the needs and taste preferences. They become light and brownish after losing 10% to 25 % of the moisture.
  • Freshness of the Roasted beans lasts up to 14 -21 days after roasting. This may vary depending on the bean and roast type.
  • Some beans get more flavor towards the middle or end of the 14 day window
  • After 2 weeks the beans loses its flavor and after a month it is pretty much flavorless. Even though you can drink it, the taste is nowhere close to the freshness. (Reason not to buy from super market)
  • After green beans are roasted to desired type (Light, Medium or Dark) it release gases (Carbon Dioxide) through its shelf life. The process that brings natural flavors and aroma.
  • Grinding the Roasted coffee beans should be done only during the preparation of your coffee. Use only the required beans for a cup of coffee or your desired brewing size. Do not grind the roasted beans and store it.
  • Once the coffee is ground it loses flavor instantly. It is imperative to grind and useĀ  your grind right away for maximum freshness and full antioxidant benefits
  • For medium strong brew try 2 tablespoon of roasted beans for 6oz of clean water. You can change the quantity based on your preferences