Tools required

  • Decent coffee bean grinder (it can get expensive depending who you talk to and your taste. Try with small ones and upgrade if necessary)
  • Hot clean water

Coffee is it for me?

Every day new research comes out that suggests both coffee is good and bad. Regardless people drink it every day. Coffee does have lot of antioxidants that is good for your health and also contains stimulants that interact with your hormones and neurotransmitters. The key ingredient in coffee, caffeine can cause good and bad depending on your body type.  It is primarily driven by your genes according to latest research. Some will feel fantastic and others will feel terrible having a cup of coffee. So you need to drink coffee responsibly.It is better not to abuse coffee as with any food or drinks. A cup or 2 a day will be more than enough if your body tolerates it.

Coffee can get addictive and again depends on your body type. For me personally I can go without coffee for days or weeks without any withdrawal issues. Personally I drink coffee because of its taste and its aroma. Every morning I look forward to my ritual of making that perfect cup of coffee with perfect grind.

Good read on coffee and  how it affects your body “Coffee – All about Coffee

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